Oct 2009

Web Safe Fonts

This is awesome... a colleague of mine Jason Cranford Teague, has posted some great resources about web typography. My favorite is this useful desktop pattern of web safe fonts.

There is also an incredible
directory of fonts installed on Mac and Windows computers.


Budgeting with Apple Numbers

For a quick overview on creating video budgets with Apple Numbers, be sure to watch this informative video. You can also visit the website www.peachpit.com/videomac in order to download the budget template.


Great Presentation on Social Media

The title may be a little crass... but the presentation is spot on.


New Conference Next Week for iPhone Developers

Looking to learn more and connect with other iPhone developers? The Voices That Matter folks are running a great conference for iPhone developers. I've attended some of their other events in the past and know they are top notch.

Here are some interviews with conference speakers

You can also follow on Twitter for conference news –


Peachpit Launches Video Made on a Mac Podcast Series

Check out our new podcast series. Join Richard Harrington and Robbie Carman as we show you how to create professional video on the Mac. We share videos and project files using real world examples in Final Cut Studio and Adobe Creative Suite. From pre-production to post, these podcasts gives you a sample of what you can learn using their book, Video Made on the a Mac. You can use the code MACVIDEO for 35% off and free shipping.

Watch the latest FREE episodes:
Organizing Images with Bridge
Prepping Storyboards for Animation


MommyCast on front Page

A show that is produced in my studios, MommyCast, is one the fron page of iTunes. A big congrats to the team behind the show. The featured episode is on the swine flu outbreak and is worth checking out for important information on staying healthy.