May 2010

Free Final Cut Pro/Motion/AE Plug-ins

I always like free stuff... especially
good free stuff.

Here's the link –


Get Your Facebook Privacy Settings right

You've likely heard the recent complaints about Facebook sharing too much information. Turns out fixing your settings can be a little overwhelming with buried options and more than two dozen pages. It's getting pretty tough to get your Facebook privacy right. Fortunately there's

This site will analyze your current settings, make recommendations, and then point you to the right tab in Facebook to fix it.

This site is highly recommended, free, and easy to use.


Google announces Google TV

I'm all for more paths into the living room for content creators. But I can't help feel that we've already tried this a few times.


A great book on green screen

If you've been looking for a comprehensive guide on greenscreen this is it. Jeff covers everything from preproduction through shooting and post. Jeff's a great teacher who's passionate about his subject.

You can get a few samples of the book
here for free, but be sure to check out the whole thing.

  • See how to plan, set up, and execute your shots to reduce fixes in post
  • Choose the right keying process for your project
  • Master basic shooting setups and live broadcast keying
  • Understand proper lighting and how to match subjects to the background
  • Create a working storyboard and learn how to select and direct talent
  • Composite your footage and fix problem shots
  • Work creatively with virtual sets, motion tracking, and match moving
  • Master techniques that apply to all compositing software and plug-ins


The Share Menu in Final Cut Pro

FMC trainer Richard Harrington demonstrates how to share and publish projects in a variety of formats.


Google Chrome Speed Tests

Google did some pretty cool speed tests with High Speed photography.

Check out the "making of video" to see how they did it.