Feb 2008

Two More Classes on Kelby Training

Two more of my classes are now online at Kelby Training.

Photoshop for Video - Working With Photos
Richard Harrington uncovers techniques essential for video editors who are working with Photos in Photoshop. He shares his best practices for working with graphic and still images in a video environment.

Photoshop for Video - Technical Essentials
Join Adobe Certified Trainer Richard Harrington, as he uncovers the Technical Essentials of Adobe Photoshop CS3 for video professionals and enthusiasts.

You can access all the classes online for only $19.99 per month (besides mine there's a ton of great stuff up there).


New Podcasting Book About to Ship

My podcasting book is now off the presses and on its way to stores.

Here's Chapter 1

The initial reviews are in:

"This guide is full of solid information from people who know online video and are in the trenches doing it. It's a must read for anyone who wants to produce professional video podcasts." – Jason Van Orden, podcasting consultant and author of Promoting Your Podcast

"Required reading.Starting with a clear analysis of the nature and business of podcasting it covers the essentials of production and finishes with the all-important topics of delivery, RSS feeds, publishing, and hosting." – Tom Wolsky, vp editorial, National Podcasting System, www.nationalpod.com

"WOW, the accumulated knowledge from 1000s of hours of planning, production, post and delivery essentials delivered in a simple, concise fashiona professional resource manual that needs to be a part of every video production library" –. Gary Adcock, digital artist and technology trainer

"Not just a book about Podcasting, but a full primer on professional audio and video production and digital publishing that is lavishly illustrated and full of practical tips." – Philip Hodgetts, president and ceo, Open Television Network openTVnetwork.com

You can order the book here.


New Podcast Advertising and Traffic Standards to Be Announced

Mashable.com, the Social Networking News site reports that “the Association for Downloadable Media has finally announced a date for when they plan to release their long awaited Advertising and Sponsorship Standard and Guidelines for Traffic Measurement - April 16th. The announcement will be made during the upcoming San Francisco ad:tech conference.”

Click here to read the full article.


Troubleshooting Apple Compressor

A lot of folks use Apple's Compressor to create podcast video files. That is when its running. I use Compressor all the time and think its a great application that harnesses the power of Apple hardware and software... but it can be a bit buggy.

Apple has posted a useful article on what to do when Compressor isn't starting up properly or performing normally.They offer basic troubleshooting steps to remedy the situation. This is the right place to start if you are attempting to to submit a batch and you see the following message:
Unable to submit to queue. Please restart your computer or verify your Compressor installation is correct.

Check out the whole article here.


Adobe Updates Device Central

Adobe offers a great application called Device Central as part of their Creative Suite bundles. The application makes it easy to test graphics, Flash, and video content and simulated mobile phones and other devices. Adobe just published another update that adds support for more phones and devices.

You'll need to log on with your Adobe ID (they're free). This is important to check out for mobile content creators.
If you are not familiar with Device Central, be sure to
check out this overview.


Richard Harrington on the Plugged-In Podcast

Richard Harrington was recently a guest on the Plugged-In Podcast (presented by Toolfarm). The show was taped at Macworld and features several guests talking about the latest in Digital Media.

  • Coby Rich – Sorenson Media
  • Larry O'Connor – Other World Computing
  • Richard Harrington – RHED Pixel
  • Jon Schilling – CalDigit
  • Marlon Braccia – Shiva Entertainment

You can listen to the show here


Washington Business Journal Article on Podcasting

If you think podcasting is just for kids, you might be missing the next big thing
Richard Harrington looks out on the small crowd of businesspeople sitting on red plastic chairs in RHED Pixel's Falls Church studios. Dressed in black, topped by a subtle black-and-white pinstriped velvet blazer and hoop earrings, he is the epitome of geek chic.

The audience has come to hear Harrington talk podcasting. These folks already are convinced there is something to podcasting, but they are trying to determine if it can help their businesses.”

Read the full article for free at their website.


Field Production Strategies for Video Podcasting

Podcast and New Media Expo 2007: The rules of the studio don’t apply the same in the field. In this session you will learn how to properly capture your video content outside of a controlled environment and unpredictable lighting and background noise. You also learn how to achieve the best results when encoding files for various output devices. See how the experts retain overall quality with an overview of the latest methods and technologies. This session will also share best practices for multi-camera productions.

Download mp3:
Distributing Video in Various Formats: How To Make the Right Choice (1:00:46 min 27.9 MB)


Testing the Feed

FEED Validator
There are lots of things that can break an RSS feed. A misplaced character, a misformed date, the list goes on. Fortunately testing a feed is easy. Once you have your feed and media available online, you’ll want to test it. The easiest way is to visit http://www.feedvalidator.org/ where you can enter the adress for your feed. If there are errors in your feed, they are clearly identified. The website also offers suggestions and links to more information on how to fix common problems. This website is invaluable and shoot be a part of your testing process.


New Class on Kelby Training

From Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider Blog

We’ve posted our first online class from Digital Video Guru (and Photoshop World Instructor) Richard Harrington, and it’s one a lot of people have been asking for: Getting Started with Apple Motion. Here’s the link to Rich’s new online class over at KelbyTraining.com. Note: We’ve got a lot more classes coming from Rich very soon, so stayed tuned! (That’s TV talk. I thought Rich would appreciate that type of jargon).


New DVDs on Apple Motion

I've just completed three new DVDs on Apple Motion. We shot the titles in HD, and the screen quality is awesome. On each title you get a regular DVD, iPod ready files, and HD files for viewing on a computer or Apple TV. There are three volumes at $59 each or a bundle of all three for $139. Each comes with hands on lesson files and a lot of cool stuff is covered.

“From beginner to master in one set, these three DVD’s will take you step by step through Apple Motion and have you ready to tackle complex projects in just hours. Join Richard Harrington in this three DVD set of clear, concise training that will have you producing higher quality work with Apple Motion in no time.”

You can get the training from
VASST.com. If you want a discount code... Post a comment and I'll send it to you.


Amazon has Final Cut Studio On the Spot at a Special Price

Just wanted to let you know that Amazon is running a special on the new Final Cut book I co-authored. They've got the book for less than $20 (thats a third off the cover price).

Book Description
Packed with more than 500 techniques, this book delivers what you need to knowon the spot. It is suited to editors of all experience levels, whether you are:
  • Migrating from another NLE
  • Upgrading to Final Cut Studio 2
  • Seeking a handy reference to raise your proficiency

New Plugins for Broader DVCPRO HD and P2 Support

This is just awesome, Calibrated Software has a bunch of new plug-ins on tap that make it possible to work with MXF and DVCPRO HD codecs. This will streamline P2 workflow for both Mac and Windows users, as well as make it easier to move DVCPRO HD material to a PC. I promise a detailed review soon. The codecs cost $49 each. Here's the info.

QuickTime P2 MXF/DVCProHD Decode Components for Apple
For playing P2 MXF Files and QuickTime DVCProHD Files on Mac OSX (Intel) and importing native P2 MXF Files into Final Cut Pro Studio 2 Applications (see Read Me)
Please note: The P2 MXF plugin has NOT been tested in long form projects in FCP Studio 2 Applications and the DVCProHD Codec should NOT be installed if the Apple DVCProHD Codec is already installed.
Download BETA 1.0.0 (Build 18) for OSX 10.4 (Tiger) - Intel Only
Download BETA 1.0.0 (Build 18) for OSX 10.5 (Leopard) - Intel Only
Download Read Me
Download License Agreement

QuickTime P2 MXF/DVCProHD Decode Components for Windows
For playing P2 MXF Files and QuickTime DVCProHD Files on Windows (see Read Me)

Download BETA 1.0.0 (Build 18) for Windows
Download Read Me
Download License Agreement


Podcasting & New Media Conferences at NAB

Looking for some great training on post production, podcasting, or new media? I'll be speaking at several conferences located at this year's NAB conference.

Choose the training you need at NAB Show 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Podcasting Summit    April 11 - 13
This is a can’t miss conference for podcasting professionals and anyone interested in diving into this evolving content delivery method.

New Media 2.0 - Creating and Delivering New Media to New Audiences    April 14 - 15
This new conference is designed for content creators looking to harness the power of the Internet for increased distribution and new audiences.

Post|Production World Conference    April 11 - 16
The largest event of its kind anywhere, this conference delivers high-level training on the latest production and post-production techniques and software.

Producer | Director Workshop    April 11 - 13
This new conference is designed for those content creators who are charged with managing and developing content. Learn new techniques for planning and managing successful video and new media projects.


Apple Updates QuickTIme

Lot of bugs lately with QuickTime (especially in pro video applications). We've personally seen issues in both Final Cut Pro and After Effects.

Apple has released a new update to QuickTime... lets hope it's elusive “improves compatibility with third-party applications” actually means something.
http://www.apple.com/support/quicktime/ for more information.


New Report on Podcasting

We're always only the lookout for news on podcasting, here's a new report from eMarketer.com.

Heard the Latest About Podcasting?

Here's the highlights.