Dec 2007

H.264 Video in a Jiffy

If you need to create H.264 video files fast... be sure to check out the Turbo H.264 from Elgato. This USB sized device offers a dedicated H.264 encoding chip for less than $100. In our tests... we were flying through video compression tasks. For example, we recently encoded a bunch of hour long video, each taking about 7 minutes. The speed is amazing and the quality is very good. The new software they've released even lets you customize your export templates for custom sizes and data rates (several presets for other portable media players are included).

The Best Price we've found is $89.


Podcasting Forum at Creative Cow

If you are looking for an online forum about podcasting, then be sure to check out Creative COW. The Creative COW forums (Communities of the World) offer support for lots of different technical tools for video professionals. You can search past posts for answers or ask your own questions. Their podcasting forum is new... but has a lot of useful forum hosts who will try and help.

Creative Cow Podcasting Forum


Prediction: 40% of Video Online by 2012

The Silicon Valley Insider has an interesting post about video distribution online. Many in Hollywood predict that within four years 40% of all video consumption would occur outside of the television set. That's according to a poll of nearly 300 media execs by Jack Myers and video tracking firm Teletrax. The short article has some interesting insight into how the "big guys" see things.

Read the full article here.


New Book on Video Podcasting

Those who know me personally, know I am very passionate about podcasting. I have been hard at work for the last year on a new book on just that, video podcasting. My business partner, Mark Weiser, and I have taken many of the hard lessons learned at RHED Pixel and put them into a book. The book is full color and richly illustrated, plus there will also be a companion website and podcast launching in January.

The book ships in February, but you can get the biggest discount by
pre-ordering it from


On-Camera Considerations

Here are a few extra tips to help less-experienced on-camera talent or interviewees.
  • Bring at least one alternative set of clothing.
  • Herringbone, stripes, or small patterns do not look good on camera. Avoid vivid patterns, plaids, and geometric shapes.
  • Please keep you’re jewelry simple.
  • Do not wear bright white. Cream, eggshell, or light gray are preferred.
  • Unless told otherwise, maintain eye contact with your interviewer throughout the interview.
  • Relax.