Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Making Great Web Video

The Opportunity of Web Video
Web Video Development
Budgeting Guidelines
Selecting and Prepping Talent

Chapter 2 Essential Preproduction

Determining Production Needs
Picking an Acquisition Format
Mapping the Production
Essential Planning Documents

Chapter 3 Audio Is Half Your Program

The Limitations of Web Audio
Capturing Good Audio
Other Audio to Acquire

Chapter 4 Great Video Needs Great Lighting

Lighting on a Deadline and Budget
Recommended Lighting Instruments

Chapter 5 Videography for the Web

Camera Considerations
Choosing an Acquisition Format
Camera Support Options
Tapeless Acquisition Strategies
Shooting for Portability
Shooting Multicamera Productions

Chapter 6 Telling Your Story with Visuals

Working with B-roll
Working with Photos
Working with Screen Captures
Working with Speaker Support/Slides
Motion Graphics
Creating a Graphic Identity
Creating Show Graphics

Chapter 7 Editing Considerations

The Evolution of Nonlinear Editing
Technical Considerations During Editing

Chapter 8 Encoding Video for the Web

The Challenge of Encoding
Determining Delivery Format
Compression Tools
Full-Featured Compression Tools
Encoding Advice
Section 508 Compliance

Chapter 9 Understanding Flash Video

Delivery of Flash Video
Essential Flash Formats
Essential Tools for Creating Flash Video
Creating a Custom Player with Flash Professional
Preprocessing for Video-Sharing Sites

Chapter 10 Podcasting and RSS Essentials

A Clear Definition of Podcasting
An Overview of RSS
Developing an RSS Feed
Anatomy of a Feed
Programming the Feed
Delivering Podcasts with Apple Compatibility
Publishing an RSS Feed

Chapter 11 Hosting Web Video

Website Requirements
Budgeting for Hosting
Hosting Requirements
Selected Hosting Vendors

Chapter 12 Promoting Your Video

Essential Groundwork
Hyper-Syndication Strategies
Social Media Tools
Additional Promotional Strategies
Build a Relationship with Your Audience

Chapter 13 Monetizing Your Video

Potential Revenue Sources
Working with Sponsors and Advertisers
Selling Your Content
The Road Ahead