The Evolution of Web Video

  • Chapter 1: Making Great Web Video—Learn how to determine your genre and technical approach. You’ll also get a sense on the size of the web video audience and business opportunities.

The Production of Web Video

  • Chapter 2: Essential Preproduction—This chapter covers important decisions about determining your production needs as well as budgeting your show. Learn practical advice for mapping your production and working with talent.
  • Chapter 3: Audio Is Half Your Program—Learn how to record great sound for your web video. We also explore options for using music in web productions.
  • Chapter 4: Great Video Needs Great Lighting—Learn how to achieve professional lighting with an emphasis on value and portability. We also provide setups for different styles of video programs.
  • Chapter 5: Videography for the Web—Learn the key features you’ll need in a video camera. We pay close attention to the evolution of tapeless acquisition and HD video. We also offer a specific packing list to help you bring the most important gear to your web video shoot.

The Postproduction of Web Video

  • Chapter 6: Telling Your Story with Visuals—This chapter points out useful ways to add visuals to your story. Learn how to work with photos and stock footage as well as practical tips for motion graphics.
  • Chapter 7: Editing Considerations—Putting all of your pieces together takes skill and experiences. We share several lessons learned from having produced thousands of web videos.
  • Chapter 8: Encoding Video for the Web—Learn how to create compatible digital files that will work for a podcast, in a web browser, or on portable media players. Achieve smaller file sizes and better image clarity with our practical advice on video compression.

The Delivery of Web Video

  • Chapter 9: Understanding Flash Video—We take an in-depth look at one of the most popular methods for delivering video. Learn about your options when working with the Flash platform.
  • Chapter 10: Podcasting and RSS Essentials—Learn how to deliver a podcast with an RSS feed to list its contents. Search engines and podcast directories require this information in order to list your show. Learn what goes into the podcast feed and easy ways to create a compatible podcast.
  • Chapter 11: Hosting Web Video—This chapter explores several options for hosting your web video files. Learn your options for delivering your files and ways to minimize expensive hosting charges.

The Business of Web Video

  • Chapter 12: Promoting Your Video—We visit with numerous web video producers and share their secrets for successfully attracting (and keeping) an audience.
  • Chapter 13: Monetizing Your Video—Creating professional web video requires time and effort. In this chapter we explore options for recouping your investment.