Who This Book Is For

This book is written for those who need to create professional-quality web video or podcasts. We set out to write a book that would offer expert-level advice on all aspects of web video. We realize most of you reading this will have diverse backgrounds, so we will attempt to deliver information at two levels.
The body of the book presents you with the most essential information, richly illustrated, with straightforward advice. Interspersed throughout the book you’ll find several tips and sidebars. This information serves two purposes. It either offers advanced information to let you go deeper on a topic or points out additional resources if you lack experience with a topic.
Whether you are a video enthusiast, a multimedia developer, or a communications professional, this guide is written to help you. We wanted to create a book that addressed the diverse requirements of web video. We also wanted to straighten out several misperceptions and bad practices that we have encountered. If you like your books to be based on real-world experience, this is the book for you.

What You'll Learn

Want to create professional quality web video that stands out in a crowded playing field? Gain a complete understanding of the opportunity, limitations, production, and distribution process with this book. Step up from the flip-cam experience with this solid introduction to professional planning and production techniques, ensuring that your video meets the same standards you set for every other element in your communication program. Follow the RHED Pixel team as they detail every step of the way with engaging illustrations that demonstrate the process from concept to distribution including:
  • Preproduction planning of concept, scope, budget, and casting
  • Web-specific techniques for audio, lighting, and videography
  • Detailed overview of editing and encoding of web video
  • Effective branding and storytelling aids including b-roll, images and motion graphics
  • Distribution alternatives including HTML5, Flash, podcasting, RSS, and website hosting
  • Effective techniques to promote and monetize your video

Our Approach

Our advice is practical. We don’t teach you how to cheat. We don’t treat you like you are “dummies.” Our productions vary; we’ve done work for Fortune 50 companies as well as small nonprofit associations. We have been in front of the camera as well as behind it. We teach you how to produce web videos that look professional while being keenly aware that web videos are a price-sensitive commodity.
We will offer you multiple approaches that address both high-end and budget-conscious workflows. We are fully cross-platform and use Macs and PCs in our daily lives. We also use tools and gear from a variety of manufacturers. We’ll offer our opinions but feel that they are well formed. We’ll also offer options and differing points of view, as we know that you’ll want choices.